Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Question sheet of Online Transaction System - 2012

1.    Which is applicable for online transaction in individual batch ?
        a)    Only one set of transaction is possible
        b)    More than one set of transaction  are possible
        c)    Only checking A/Cs transaction are possible
2.    After release the cash transaction at online transaction we can do?
        a)    Only delete
        b)    Only reverse
        c)    Both of the above are allowed
3.    What happen at originating branch at the time of remote transfer?
        a)    No transaction at originating branch
        b)    One transaction at originating branch
        c)    Two transaction at originating branch
4.    Which is the first step at the time of remote transfer transaction?
        a)    First credit then debit
        b)    First debit then credit
        c)    Both of the above are allowed
5.    Which is the IBTA transaction code for online transaction?
        a)    35
        b)    40
        c)    51
6.    When the debit & credit amount of IBTA checklist with the amount of PBG in clean cash are mismatch?
        a)    When online transactions are deleted
        b)    When online transactions are reversed
        c)    Both of the above
7.    Which is require for an online transaction delete or reverse?
        a)    Only batch
        b)    Only serial
        c)    Batch & serial both
8.    When a transaction are reverse then ?
        a)    Will not show in transaction checklist reports
        b)    Will not show in A/C statement reports
        c)    Both of the above
9.    What happen at agent commission when CLS installments are posting by online?
         a)    Auto posting without (60-40)% of  agent commission
         b)    Auto posting is not possible
         c)    Auto posting including (60-40)% of  agent commission
10.    What is the effect of A/C restriction at online transaction?
        a)    To increase debit amount
        b)    To decrease debit amount
        c)    To fixed one or more branch for online transaction
11.    Who will perform auto clearing process at online clearing transaction?
a)    Originating branch
b)    Responding branch
c)    Anyone can process
12.    What happen at PBG in Local branch at the time of  “Deposit by cash” transaction?
a)    PBG Debit
b)    PBG credit
c)    Only cash credit

13.    What is the transaction status at the time of Remote transfer on online transaction?
a)    ‘P’
b)    ‘N’
c)    ‘R’
14.    What happen when batch 52 is reverse with batch 82 at online transaction?
a)    Status of batch 52 is ‘N’ & Status of batch 52 is ‘R’
b)    Status of batch 52 is ‘R’ & Status of batch 52 is ‘N’
c)    Status of both batch is ‘N’
d)    Status of both batch is ‘R’
15.    What to do when wrongly posted online Clearing transaction?
a)    Have to Delete
b)    Have to Reverse
c)    Have to Clearing Return
16.    What is the transaction code at Clearing Return transaction?
a)    10
b)    11
c)    22
17.    In online transaction what is the process to balance transfer at two different A/C of same branch?
a)    Transfer Deposit
b)    Remote Transfer
c)    Transfer By Cheque
18.    If an online branch is close at Saturday then what happen?
a)    Transaction is allowed from other online branch
b)    Transaction is not allowed from other online branch
c)    Have to inform the responding branch to do the transaction
19.    How many transactions are happen at Remote Transfer Transaction of two chequing A/C?
        a)    3
        b)    4
        c)    6
20.    How many transactions are happen when CLS Installment are deposit by cash at online transaction?
       a)    9
       b)    10
       c)    12

These are the user testing questions of a Banking Software.
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